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Does the Miss Plus America pageant promote obesity?

The Miss Plus America pageant promotes being healthy and being self-confident at any size.

What is the benefit of entering any pageant in this day and age?

The purpose of any pageant is to promote self-confidence and to give every woman an avenue to promote one's platform.

"I think the crown is as relevant as the individual who wears it. If you, through your actions and words, use the crown to focus attention on issues of substance and concern, then you contribute something of relevance and significance. The crown is a tool to be able to focus attention on something that's important. If you crown someone who has a passion and conviction and has a real dedication to using it as a symbol to focus attention on issues of concern, that's when you achieve the relevance."

Erica Harold

Miss America 2003

Why enter the Miss Plus America Pageant?

C-Hearts, LLC goes to great lengths to make every aspect of the Miss Plus America Pageant special. We are on the cutting edge of pageantry and we are proud to say, it's okay to love who you are.

Some may ask if we're here only to make a statement. C-Hearts, LLC always responds, "No, we're here to make a difference."

Is Miss Plus America affiliated with the Miss America Organization?

No. The Miss Plus America Pageant is in NO WAY affiliated with the Miss America organization, the Mrs. America Pageant, the Ms. America Pageant, the Miss Teen America Pageant, the Miss Teen America Scholarship Pageant or Miss America's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Program.

What is the minimum size-requirement?

Each delegate must be a size 14W or greater. There is no height limit or size cap.

What is the difference between a size 14 and a size 14 W?

There is an additional inch on each side of a 14 W. It is the same size as a 16 Misses but with some modifications to proportion. A 14 W is a 16 Misses. The W stands for "woman".

A size 14 Misses is NOT the same as a size 14 Woman.

By signing the required size agreement you agree that you understand this definition.

Which state can I represent?

Each delegate gets five choices of states she can represent. She will qualify to represent the state she was born in, any state that she has worked in, went to school in, owns property in or lived in.

In the event her first choice is taken, she can represent her second choice and so-on.

If you live in a state that produces a state-wide pageant, you must compete in THAT state in order to be eligible to compete in nationals. If you compete in the state pageant and do not win the title, you can enter the nationals as an at-large delegate, but only with the referral of the State Pageant Director.

The Miss Plus America pageant offers the following state pageants:












New York



North Carolina

South Carolina


Washington, D.C.

What is the difference between the Mrs. divisions and other divisions?

The Mrs. Division is for those delegates ages 20 and above who are married and have been by the deadline set forth in the rules.

The Miss division is for those women 18 to 29 and the Ms Division is from ages 30 to and up. Delegates from these age groups may be single, married, widowed or divorced and may have children.

What is a platform?

A platform is a charity or cause that you promote throughout your reign as a state/national delegate. Example: AIDS Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, MADD, etc. You can also create your own platform such as Kristina Zsenyuk, Miss Plus America Elite 2005: P.H.A.T. Promoting Healthy Adolescents & Teens.

How do I choose a platform?

Each delegate chooses a platform according to her convictions.

Some delegates may have been touched with tragedy by loosing a loved one by a drunk-driver and may want to promote MADD or SADD. Other delegates may have been touched by disease such as Breast Cancer or HIV and want to promote those charitable organizations.

Choose the platform that you are the most comfortable with and feel that you can make the biggest difference in the lives of others with.

What is considered a public appearance?

A public appearance is any location that you appear in your crown and/or banner to support/promote your platform or to support/promote MPA.

Some delegates may attend charitable functions wearing their crown/banner. Others may ride in parades, while others may visit their local/state dignitaries promoting their platforms. All delegates are encouraged to promote their charity first and foremost.

How many public appearances do I have to make during my reign?

Once you have been awarded your state title and have acquired your crown/banner, you are encouraged to make one appearance per month during your reign as a state titleholder. As a national titleholder, you will sign a contract that obligates you to make at least one public appearance per month..

There is no contest for most appearances made on the state level.

How long is a reign?

A delegate's reign lasts from the time she is awarded her title until the end of the National Miss Plus America Pageant. If there is a state pageant, the reign lasts from the time you are crowned until the time your successor is crowned. (Usually one year.)

Why do I have to pay in full before I get my state crown and banner?

It has been Miss Plus America's experience that delegates will pay the state title reservation fee, hold the title all year and then not be to attend due to monetary difficulties etc.

Because of this, MPA is forced to turn delegates away, whom may have had an opportunity to compete. It is for this reason that we require all fees be paid in full before the crown/banner is shipped.

Do you have a payment plan?

Each delegate will have a strict fee schedule she must adhere to to keep her title. If you are unable to adhere to the presented plan upon the confirmation of the receipt of the application, simply write the director and a plan can be made to suit your needs.

*Missed payments endanger delegates of loosing titles*

What does my entry fee pay for?

MPA is a self-sufficient pageant. Fees pay for but are not limited to the royal regalia of each state and national winner including the prizes and cash that is given away on the stage, hotel expenses for pageant staff including food, ballroom rental, judges rooms/meals/fees, sound, light, stage, decoration etc...

MPA is in the business of making dreams come true. Money received is put forth in effort to achieve this goal we have, that sets us apart from other plus pageants.

Do you accept ad payments toward the national entry fee?

No. All ad money is put into the production of the program book. The more ads we sell, the more impressive the program book is!

If I cannot attend the pageant this year, does my entry fee carry over to the next year?

No. Entry fees are credited for the current pageant year only.

Do you accept personal checks?

No. MPA does not accept personal checks. However, we do accept company checks for sponsorship and advertising purposes.

What email do I send my paypal payments to?

If you are a delegate from a state where a state competition is held, you must refer to that state pageant's website or the 'how to enter page in order to find out what email to send your payment to. All other delegates can send all PayPal Payments through to the following address: Subject Heading: Payment. Please do not send e-checks. Only credit card/debit card payments will be accepted.

Who do I make Money Orders and Company checks payable to?

Make money orders and company corporate checks payable to "Coronet Productions, l.l.C". All snail-mail MUST be sent by Priority Mail with a tracking number. MPA is not responsible for money lost in the mail. If your payment misses the deadline, you will not be able to compete.

Where do I send money order payments to?

Please send all Money Orders to 1039 Mulberry Way, Nashville, TN 37207.

What do I need to consider when deciding weather or not to enter Miss Plus America?

Consider first and foremost if it is something you're willing to follow through with.

Consider that not every delegate has the full support of her friends and family; and if you're not sure of that support, are you willing to enter anyway?

Consider the time in which it will take you to prepare and if the dates set are available for your vacation.

Consider the time it will take you to make appearances.

Consider the cost of the pageant beyond the required entry fee and supplemental fee requirements like ad money, ticket money, wardrobe and travel expenses.

Being able to budget is important. Do you have or can you obtain the resources in which to fund your desire to enter?

Will competing in the Miss Plus America Pageant help me establish a career in plus modeling?

Not necessarily. While a Miss Plus America title may make you more memorable on auditions and submissions, it does not guarantee your success as a plus model.

The Miss Plus America Pageant is first and foremost about community service. We seek women of substance and integrity who want to use the crown to bring more attention to their charitable institution or cause.

If you are looking to promote yourself/establish a career in modeling solely on participating in our pageant then MPA may not be for you.

What does Miss Plus America "Elite" mean?

The winner of the Miss Plus America Elite title is the overall high-point score out of all divisions competing in the national pageant.

For example. Betty and Suzy are competing in the Miss division. Betty has the overall high-point score in the pageant so she wins the Miss Plus America Elite title. Suzy, her 1st runner-up will win the Miss Plus America division title.

Is it true the 'Elite' title will phase out in 2012?


Where Can I purchase A Program Book Or DVD Of Past Pageants?

Email for more information.

Will scores be given out after the pageant is over?


Can a former MPA national titleholder return to compete in the Miss Plus America Pageant?

Any former Plus America division winner (Miss, Ms, Mrs) may return to compete in another division as long as it is not the division she has already won. If your age or marital status dictates that you are eligible to compete in another division, that is allowed.

The only national titleholder that may not enter the Miss Plus America Pageant again is the Miss Plus America Elite titleholder. Once you have won the overall title, you can no longer compete in MPA.

Who Is Eligible For An Ambassador Title?

The Miss Plus America Ambassador title is not bestowed every year. This title is only bestowed upon former national Miss Plus America titleholders. Criteria for this is at least three years of being involved with the Miss Plus America Organization after her reign's end and the upholding of the MPA Official Code of Connduct. Selection of this winner is at the discretion of the Executive Board. Personal requests by a reigning or former national titleholder will not be considered. This is a two year reign. Crowning of an ambassador does NOT guarantee a crowning of a Lifetime Title.

Who Is Eligible For A Lifetime Title?

The Miss Plus America Lifetime title is only bewsowed upon former national Miss Plus America titleholders. Criteria for this title is at least five years of consecutive service to the Miss Plus America Organization folling her reign's end and the upholding of the MPA Official Code of Conduct. Selection of this winner is at the discretion of the Executive Board. This title is not awarded every year. Personal requests by a reigning or former national titleholder will not be considered. This is a never-ending reign.

Be happy where you are but be HEALTHY where you are!

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