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Social Impact Statement

Lockport, New York

Through my platform, World Savvy - Cultivating Global Competence, I aspire to increase the sense of our common humanity and encourage responsible and active global citizens. Through programs such as International EduTourism and International Student Exchange, my ambition is to encourage others to explore diverse cultures through immersive experiences and to foster a motivation toward embracing important global citizenship values, including cultural

World Savvy - Cultivating Global Competence


awareness, recognizing biases, effective communication, and problem-solving. As responsible global citizens, we can answer the call for sustainable action and make a collective impact on our world’s greatest challenges - namely, eradicating extreme poverty, promoting social justice, caring for our planet, and ensuring equity for all.

Fun Fact:

I am a former Roller Derby player! 

Favorite Quote:

Travel is not reward for working; it’s education for living ~ Anthony Bourdain

Best Advice You've Been Given:

It’s not about prioritizing what’s on your schedule; the key is to schedule your priorities.


World Language Educator


Kimberly grew up in the charming town of Lockport, New York – Home of the Erie Canal and Locks, just 18 miles east of Niagara Falls. A great-granddaughter of Italian and German immigrants, Kimberly has a strong connection to multiculturism and the ideals of global citizenship.


Kimberly earned her bachelor’s degree in World Languages and Secondary Education from SUNY Brockport, a Paralegal Certificate from Rice University, and her M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University. Kimberly also studied at La Universidad de Complutense in Madrid, Spain, where she embarked on her journey toward a master’s degree in Spanish linguistics. 


Kimberly transplanted to Texas in 2004, teaching Advanced Placement Spanish at Pearland High School. There, she began sharing her passion for global citizenship, not just as a World Language Educator, but also as an EduTourism group leader with young adults traveling to South America. She has regularly carried out her mission to cultivate global competence by leading many campus-based multicultural student organizations, as well as Student Council, in public schools throughout the Houston Area. 


Since 2005, Kimberly has continued to lead EduTourism experiences in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Kimberly and her husband, Brad, also welcome international students participating in educational exchange programs into their home. They are considered a dutiful and experienced host family.  


Kimberly shares:

“My favorite thing about being a leader in Global Citizenship is sharing those pivotal moments with the hearts and minds of young adults…watching them experience cultures so different from their own. I love catching that instance when they realize, despite their many differences, the precious interconnectedness of humanity. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice a fire ignite within their core. You can see their conviction and resolve to make an impact on improving our world. In those moments, I know they have truly become a true global citizen.” 


Kimberly now calls Friendswood, TX, home. She has been a member of the Friendswood community for over 10 years, where she served as a middle school educator and was named Friendswood ISD’s Secondary Teacher of the Year, the State of Texas Student Council Advisor of the Year, and the National Spanish Exam Teacher Study Abroad Winner. Kimberly went on to serve as an Assistant Principal in Angleton ISD and is currently serving her 23rd year in education as a World Language Educator and New Teacher Mentor at Kranz Junior High in Dickinson ISD. 


Kimberly and her husband, Brad, celebrate 17 wonderful years this year. Together, they proudly share their blended family: Tiffany (26), Madison (23), Carter (19), and granddaughter Lellianna (15 months).


Kimberly absolutely loves living in the Lone Star State and is honored to serve as this year’s Mrs. Lone Star Plus America! 

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