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Social Impact Statement

Houston, Texas

My platform centers around young women who are taking those first steps into womanhood. Whether they want to pursue their degree, enter the workforce, or even start their own business. Every girl deserves the right to be whoever they want to be. The ‘MentHERship’ program is created to ensure they don’t take those first steps alone. We need more women professionals!


Providing young women with the resources they need in education and entrepreneurship.

Fun Fact

I collect Funko Pop! figurines. I plan to get to 100 by the end of the year.

Favorite Quote

“Always remember to have courage and to be kind.”  – Cinderella

Best Advice You've Ever Been Given?

There is someone right now who wishes they have what you do. So stop comparing yourself to others.


Founder/CEO - Vicky’s Party & Decor


Victoria Emeribe, a Nigerian American hailing from Texas, has always been rooted in her community. Raised in the vibrant state of Texas, she pursued her higher education at Texas Southern University in Houston, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology alongside a minor in Chemistry.

Victoria is carving out her niche as an emerging party planner and talented balloon artist, gradually leaving her mark on the greater Houston area, one celebration at a time. Her ambition extends beyond local success; Victoria aims to elevate her platform to a national scale. Her vision is clear: she aspires to empower young women across the United States to achieve their fullest potential.

Her strategy is proactive and community-driven. Victoria plans to launch a program that involves visiting schools, collaborating with organizations, and cultivating a network of professional women dedicated to mentoring and guiding young girls. Her ultimate objective is simple yet profound: to impact at least one girl’s life positively. For Victoria, the satisfaction lies in witnessing a young woman blossom into her true self, knowing she has played a part in that transformative journey.

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