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Miramar, Florida


Dancing, Dressing up and Playing with my friends

Favorite  School Subject

I just graduated from Pre-K, 

but I love reading, math & writing.

Fun Fact

I started walking and talking at 9 months and my parents incorporated a business for me at the age of 2.


Hi! I’m PriYonna Cataléyah Rolle from Miramar, Florida. I am 5 years old and just graduated from Pre-K. I am a young entrepreneur who owns an accessory line for little girls called Cataléyah Couture. I love making little girls look and feel pretty. I enjoy dancing, laughing, playing dress up, playing with my dolls, and interacting with people. My captivating personality, smile, and one dimple light up any room. I have two older brothers who are my protectors, mommy and daddy gave me the best big brothers in the world,  but what I love most of all, is spending time with my family. When I grow up, I want to be a serial entrepreneur, and help others strive for greatness. 

My Social Impact Statement:

“No matter the age, you can strive for greatness and make a difference within a world full of negativity and hate."

Little Miss Florida Plus America Thanks Her Amazing Sponsors:

🔹️TRRIP Management LLC

🔹️Cataleyah Couture 

🔹️T.B Smith

🔹️Market with Meg

🔹️KTB Professional Solutions

🔹️CB Realty Charlotte Castro PA


🔹️Infinity Models Miami

🔹️Chamberlain's Cottage Rentals

🔹️Queens Academy

🔹️Nadine Morgan

🔹️Richard Smith

🔹️Shia Peterson

🔹️Lourdes Destrade

🔹️EBE Miami

🔹️The Philistin Family

🔹️Racquel Grandison

🔹️Marcia Chacon

🔹️Gail Smith-Hoyer

🔹️Diamond Psychiatry

🔹️Smith Bean & CO

🔹️Pamela Pershadsingh

🔹️Carol Budwah-Reid

🔹️The Louis Family

🔹️Mimi & Imani - Little Miss Princess of Fort Lauderdale

🔹️Latoya Lawrence

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