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Social Impact Statement

Moncks Corner, SC

Through my platform, My Day One: finding that spark within, I encourage people to not  wait until Monday to make a choice towards a happier, healthier lifestyle (physically, emotionally or spiritually). Any day can be your “My Day One.”

My Day One:

Finding That Spark Within


Fun Fact

My husband and I are a true life 90 Day Fiancé story celebrating our 3rd anniversary July 16, 2024.

Favorite Quote

"Anything worth doing is worth doing to the best or your ability."


Office Manager at Palmetto Contract Services, Inc. and Detyens Boatyard, Inc., Owner: Serena’s Creations LLC, CEO: My Day One, Inc.

Best Advice You've Ever Been Given?

Always be true to yourself. 


As a proud mom of four adult children and two granddaughters, I was always that mom who volunteered for everything. I have been a coach, team mom, team administrator, Sunday School teacher, pre-school choir director, and even home schooled my children when they required extra help in school. My husband and I enjoy traveling and have a US Picture Map to document our visits to each state. To celebrate my fiftieth year, I wanted to do something different, something special. I entered the Miss Plus America system to celebrate myself while giving back to my community. 

With the assistance from my dad, Bob Koontz, we have created an outreach program entertaining senior adults at assisted living and nursing homes throughout South Carolina. My most memorable moment was crowning the senior adult prom king and queen at a local community center. Their smiles are the entire motivation behind my platform, My Day One.

Starting out as a way to be accountable for my own weight-loss journey on April 17, 2023, “My Day One” has expanded to motivating others to make a choice towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. I began by creating videos on my YouTube channel (@serenascreations1158) then expanded to TikTok and Facebook reels. I have lost over forty pounds and have maintained the loss for over a year. As of July 1, 2024, I am on My Day 442. The feedback I receive from followers encourages me to continue. Making an impact one day at a time, the My Day One platform is based on a brochure given out to new members of the non-profit weight loss program TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). TOPS has been a part of my life for over twenty-seven years and continues to encourage members to lose weight without fad diets. 

My goal is to continue spreading my sparkling personality to everyone who crosses my path. With the assistance of My Day One, my motivation is to see you smile.

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